Diamond sharpening stones have incredible grinding power.

They can sharpen stainless knives, ceramic knives, and hard steel knives easily.

1. It’s so powerful

12 Years ago, I bought a diamond sharpening stone at Joyful Honda, in my hometown.

In the sunset, driving home, I was thinking how this diamond knife sharpener will help sharpen my kitchen knives much easier and faster.

However, it almost destroyed my kitchen knife.

The diamond knife sharpener was too powerful like the Death Star.

Then why do you want to have this? Because…

2. The strong grinding power

It is made of diamond particles.That means it is really hard and durable.

You cannot sharpen a ceramic kitchen knife with a regular whetstone because ceramic blades are really hard.

But a diamond sharpening stone can sharpen it.

With little to no effort.

3. You can sharpen your knife real quick

Using a dull knife makes cooking less enjoyable.

In order to keep the sharpness of your knife, you should sharpen your knife on regular bases.

And guess what?

You can save time using a diamond sharpener.

4. It stays flat, so you don’t need to flatten it

It is made of a metal plate and diamond particles.

So it won’t have dents like other whetstones.

5. You can flatten other whetstones using this diamond stone

A diamond kitchen knife sharpener is very useful for flattening regular whetstones.

Because it doesn’t have dents,  and It doesn’t bend.

It stays flat all the time.

When you flatten your whetstone using this, keep it under running water so they don’t stick together.

Drawing lines using a pencil can help to see which parts are not flat. 

6. You can sharpen ceramic knives

We have already talked about this, but again,

If you have a ceramic kitchen knife, you can’t use a regular whetstone.

Because ceramic is a really hard material.

You need to sharpen your knife with a diamond sharpening stone.

Do you already like the sound of the diamond sharpening stone?

But wait, there are some downsides…

7. Sad news: Your knife rusts super quick

In a few minutes after sharpening your knife with a diamond stone, your knife gets rusty.

This happens because of galvanic corrosion.

Two different kinds of metal touching each other in the water cause this reaction.

In our case, the kitchen knife blade, the base of the diamond sharpener, and the running water.

In order to avoid your kitchen knife rusting,

You need to sharpen with a regular whetstone after using the diamond stone.


You need to use baking soda water while you are using the diamond stone.

This way, you can bring the ph to alkaline.

So you can prevent it from rusting.

8. If you are not careful, you might destroy your knife

It is too easy to grind the blade when you use a diamond stone.

You can sharpen hard metal materials like ATS-34 steel, high-speed steel, or vasco wear steel with no problem.

It is too powerful. So if you are not careful,

Your blade will be worn down very quickly while you are sharpening.

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