You need to sharpen your knife with a whetstone.

Lifting the knife handle while you are sharpening the knife tip can fix the weird shape of the kitchen knife.

This will be useful when your kitchen knife doesn’t have the shape that it had when it was brand new.

1 Sounds easy, right?

2 year ago, on a hot summer day, my friend Junichi asked me to fix his kitchen knife.

He invited me to an air-conditioned cold room.

He has sharpened his knife using his own way for a long time,

So the knife shape looked odd…

Do you know why this happens?


2 This shape is called “crane neck”

Or it is called “concorde”. It is such an unpleasant shape.

It happens when you try to make a sharp point.

Yes, the knife tip is sharp,

But now, this knife is so difficult to use because of this odd shape.

3 This unpleasant evolution doesn’t happen right away

It is not like a Pokemon evolution. Your knife doesn’t evolve to a “crane neck” suddenly.

This happens little by little.

If you are only focused on making a sharp knife point,

And keep sharpening this way for a long time,

This crane neck appears.

[moving the knife point picture]

4 The most important thing is you should move the place of the knife point.

So the knife tip will have the right curve.

If you don’t move the knife point,

Then you will end up serving the tip and some part of the knife belly.

5 You can avoid “crane neck” by lifting the knife handle while you are sharpening it on your whetstone.

Lifting your knife handle lets the knife point touch the whetstone.

So you can shave the knife point and shorten the blade.

Doing so, the shape of the blade will have the shape of a chef’s knife and gyuto.

But what if your knife has a santoku knife shape?

And you want to keep the santoku shape…

6 For some knives, you need to shave the knife spine too

So you can keep the original knife shape.

Start with a coarse stone (#80 – #320) to shave the spine.

Then move to #1000 and work your way up to a higher number like #2000 until the scratches are gone.

7 The other way is making a curve from the heel to the point

This way changes the entire shape of your kitchen knife edge.

It takes a lot of time and effort.

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