It happens because of the water in the food you are cutting.

Don’t you think it happens when you cut food that has a lot of water?

Like when you cut a cucumber or potatoes.

This is because the water in food fills up the space between the knife blade and food.

And it creates a vacuum state.

1. When you use water to suction cups it sticks very tightly


The same thing happens to your knife and food.

2. A knife that has a smooth surface sticks more food

6 years ago in the summer, I was really into mirror polishing knives in my kitchen.

I mirror polished all the knives out there. One day, my mom complained to me.

Because food was stuck on all the knives.

And these knives were really difficult to use…

3. Yes, it is frustrating

If food is always sticking to your knife, you can’t cook nicely and you waste time.

It is so difficult to remove the potatoes stuck on your knife.

And it is also very dangerous.

4. There is one cutting way to prevent sticking

Let’s say you are cutting a cucumber…

1 Cut the cucumber to the middle by pushing the kitchen knife from the front to the back.

2 Then cut the rest of it by pulling the knife from the back to the front.

5. This way works because some air comes between a knife and food

When the water fills the gap, it creates a vacuum state.

Water works as a glue.

So in order to prevent that, bring some water between the knife and food.

Another way is…

6. Tilt your knife a little bit when you cut cucumbers

Tilt the spine of the knife to the outside a little bit like the picture above.

And cut the cucumber by moving your knife keeping the tilted angle.

Do you want to know the reason why this way works?

It will also help some air coming into between a knife and food.

Are you thinking…

“But what if I couldn’t do it this way and food sticks to my knife?”

Then use this trick…

7. Submerge your kitchen knife into water with the food still stuck on

Prepare a large cooking bowl next to the cutting board and fill it up with water.

When sticking happens, put the knife into the water.

Then you can easily take the knife and food apart. 

What about cheese and butter?

You can’t use these tricks if you are using your knife for cheese or butter.

They won’t work.

So use another trick…

8. When you cut cheese or butter, use paper towel

It is so annoying to have cheese sticking to your knife.

For sure it will make the top 5 annoying things that happen in your kitchen.

You have to rip the cheese off from the knife each time.

And your hands get sticky.

But if you sandwich your knife with a sheet of paper towel like this picture,

You can cut cheese or butter effortlessly and beautifully.

Try this out!

9. There are some non-stick knives in the market

A kitchen knife blade that has…

non-stick dimples,


Hammer patterns,

Or Damascus patterns might be ideal for you.

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