You need to know which part of the knife is sharp.

And which part of the knife is dull.

This sounds very simple.

But every knife is unique, and this is the reason why…

You get injured when you use a knife that you are not familiar with.

1. It happens even though you are a good chef

When you get injured with a kitchen knife, you don’t know what happend.

You might blame the ingredient because it was slippery.

Or you might think you weren’t focused while you were using it.


Most of the time you get injured because you don’t know the knife well.


You accidentally hurt yourself because you didn’t put any effort in getting to know the  knife.

It hurts and is a scary experience.

It takes a few weeks to heal…

That means you will have to do all your activities with one hand.

You will regret that you didn’t properly check your knife at the time of injury.

There is no benefit of using the knife without a little bit of inspection.

Except if you want to be an expert at buttoning your shirt with one hand like me before. (It happened to me!) 

2. Remember: injury happens because…

The knife is different from what you are used to.

For example:

The part that cuts in the blade is different.

You think this knife is dull, so you put too much pressure on the knife.

But actually, another part was really keen.

When the keen part cuts the food,

It accidentally slips and you hurt yourself.

There’s more…

The size of the kitchen knife is different from yours.

Material of the knife is different.

Sharpness is different.

So you need to be careful.

3. Here is how to check a kitchen knife

You should Inspect the edge of the blade.

And what you need is…

A thumb nail.

It’s not a Youtube thumbnail.

It is a real nail on your finger.

Sounds dangerous?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt you at all.

It’s just tapping the edge of the knife gently on your thumb nail.

If the blade is slippery on your thumb nail, this part is dull.

If you feel the blade stops on the thumb nail, then this part is sharp. 

Check the sharpness all the way from the tip to the heel of the blade.

After checking it, wash the blade before using it!

4. When should you check the knife?

Ideally, you should check the knife every time you use it.

Because after cutting hard food like carrots, the condition of the knife changes.


If you haven’t used the knife for long time,

If the knife is not yours,

If you know it is dull,

Or if it is a new knife.

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