Naniwa toishi makes huge varieties of whetstones.

Gouken Series, Ebi-mark Gouken Series, Chosera Series, Diamond Square Series, Super Series, etc..

In this article, we will talk about these popular whetstones in detail.

Keep reading and you will find out…

1. It is fun to use a whetstone

In 2003, at Homecenter Kohnan, I bought my first whetstone.

It was a sweltering summer day.

My first santoku knife was dull, so I wanted to do something about it.

It has been 3 months since I started living by myself.

There was no longer my dad to sharpen the kitchen knives.

Sharpening was fun and did the job…

2. Even the Millennium Falcon the fastest ship in the galaxy needs repair

So do your kitchen knives.

It doesn’t matter how expensive it is or how hard the metal of the blade is.

And a whetstone comes in handy.

3. This company is located in Osaka, Japan

The actual name of the company is Naniwa Abrasive Mfg. Co., Ltd..

Not only whetstones for kitchen knives,

This company makes diamond tools and abrasives for home appliances, machinery industry, and construction industry.

Here are popular lines for whetstone from this company…

Gouken Series

Gouken Kagayaki (Model number: NK-)

This whetstone has a smooth feeling while you are sharpening your knife with it.

Fineness of Kagayaki whetstones varies as below.

#220, #400, #800, #1000, #2000, #3000, #5000, #8000, #10000, #12000

There are 2 variations of thickness.

10mm or 20mm.

So the size of Kagayaki whetstone is 210x70x10mm or  210x70x20mm.

Gouken Arata (Model number: NA-)

This is a hard kind of whetstone,

So you can sharpen your knife quickly.

And it stays flat for relatively longer than regular whetstones.

Fitness of Arata whetstones varies as below.

#400, #600, #800, #1000, #2000, #3000, #5000, #10000

It has a similar performance to Ha No Kuromaku.

Gouken Aramusha (Model number: QA-0331 )

This is a type of coarse whetstone.

It comes in handy when you want to fix chipped edges.

Compared to medium whetstones, it does the job faster.

The size of this stone is 205x75x50mm, and fineness is #220.

It is made of pink alumina abrasives.

This Gouken Aramusha is a very hard coarse whetstone.

So it is also good for flattening other whetstones.

It depends on the person, but you might feel this whetstone might be a bit hard.

This is good because it stays flat for a relatively longer period of time.

In my experience, compared to Ha No Kuromaku #320, Gouken Aramusha stays flat longer.

But  if you like to sharpen your knife with residue (The dirt looking thing on the whetstone),

You might not like this whetstone.

Because it doesn’t create residue compared to other coarse whetstones.

Gouken Aranami #220  (Model number: NN-0220)

This is another coarse whetstone that has a great grinding force.

Use this for getting rid of chips,

Or fixing bevel shapes on the blade.

The whetstone case that comes with the stone can be a stand while you sharpen your knife.

The size of this stone is 210x70x20mm, and fineness is #220.

Gouken Musou   #1000  (Model number: NM-1000 )

The word Musou means incomparably strong in Japanese.

This is a middle whetstone(#1000).

And the size is 210x70x20mm.

The whetstone case that comes with the stone can be a stand while you sharpen your knife.

Gouken Hayabusa #4000 (Model number: QA-0354)

This is a fine whetstone(#4000) and the size is 210x70x20mm.

It is made of fused alumina abrasives.

This gouken hayabusa has both grinding power and polishing power.

And they are well balanced.

The finish of your knife blade will have a feeling of mirror polishing.

This whetstone is not too hard and not too soft.

It has the good feeling of the good old days’ artificial whetstones.

The con of this whetstone is that it is easier to get clogged,

And it tends to lose flatness quicker compared to other competing stones.

Gouken Fuji #8000  (Model number: QA-0358)

This is a fine whetstone for finishing(#8000). 

And the size of this stone is 210x70x20mm.

This whetstone can make a really sharp edge. And it has a very smooth feeling while you are using it.

The surface has a little soft feeling, but actually it stays flat for a long time.

I recommend soaking it in water for 5 minutes before using this Gouken Fuji.

So you can avoid clogging.

If you want to use this with the residue (the dirt looking thing on the whetstone),

Use a diamond flattening stone on this beforehand and then sharpen your knife gently.

If you want to do mirror polishing, you don’t want to have any residue. 

So wash the stone frequently while you are sharpening your knife.

Gouken Ebi Deluxe(QA-0310: #800, QA-0311: #1000, QA-0312: #1200)

This is a series of middle whetstone.

There are 3 different fineness…

Model number QA-0310 is #800,

Model number QA-0311 is #1000,

And Model number QA-0312 is #1200.

This stone has a softer feeling like the good old days’ artificial whetstones.

If your knife blade doesn’t have any chips, having middle whetstone like this( #800 to #1200) will be enough.

Usually people pick the fineness of #1000, but if you are using a knife that has a harder side of metal blade, I recommend picking #800.

If you think Ha No Kuromaku has too much grinding force,

This Naniwa Gouken Ebi Deluxe will be the perfect option.

The grinding power of this Naniwa Gouken Ebi Deluxe is half of Ha No Kurumaku,

But the scratches that this whetstone makes are smaller and cleaner.

That means this whetstone is gentler to your knife blade.

And it has a more affordable price tag. 

Chosera Series (Model number: SS-)

This is a high-end whetstone series from this company. 

Do you have a knife made of high quality steel or stainless steel?

These materials are really hard.

So you will need more time to sharpen your knife.

This series will come in handy because it has great sharpening ability. 

Another characteristic of this series is that these whetstones are combined with the stands.

So once the stone gets thin, you can still use it without stress.

The size of this Chosera series is 210 x 70 x 20mm.

And fineness is…







#5000(SS-5000), and


This series is made of white alumina(WA)

And the stand is made of ABS resin.

Take a look…


This coarse stone is very popular in Japan.

It is a great whetstone for knife sharpening because…

You can grind your knife very fast.

Like… 5 times of pushing your knife on this stone would be enough to create a burr. 

Feeling of this stone while you are sharpening is pretty soft and cushioning.

The scratches that this stone makes seem shallow.

However, it doesn’t stay flat for a long time.


This is the whetstone you want to use between coarse stone and middle stone.

So you can erase scratches that a coarse whetstone made.

It has a soft feeling so you need to flatten this stone frequently,

But because it is soft, it doesn’t take time to flatten this.


This whetstone has a nice smooth feeling on the surface while you are sharpening your knife.

I feel this #800 is finer than Ha No Kuromaku #1000.


This middle whetstone has high grinding power.


Another middle whetstone has high grinding power.


It is very useful and this whetstone has a smooth feeling.

Compared to regular whetstone, this ceramic whetstone can do the sharpening job quickly.


This is a fine whetstone.

#10000 (SS-10000)

This is another fine whetstone.

Naniwa Diamond Kaku Whetstone

This whetstone has diamond as an abrasive material. This means you can shave really hard metals.

The layer of diamond sticks very tightly, so you don’t need to worry about this layer peeling apart.

These whetstones also stay flat for a long time.

This means they are great for precise work. 

The size of these whetstones are 210×75×16mm, and the thickness of the diamond layer is 1mm.

Fineness of Naniwa Diamond Kaku  varies as below.

#400, #600, #800, #1000, #3000, #6000

Here are model numbers for this series.

#400 DR-7504

#600 DR-7506

#800 DR-7508

#1000 DR-7510

#3000 DR-7530

#6000 DR-7560

Naniwa Super Stone

This Naniwa Super series has a nice grip on the surface.

So it won’t be slippery while you are sharpening your kitchen knife.

The size of this series is 210x70x20mm.

And there are 10mm thickness options too.

Here are model numbers for this series.

#220 IN-2202 S220

#400 IN-2204 S400

#800 IN-2208 S800

#1000 IN-2210 S1000

#2000 IN-2220 S2000

#3000 IN-2230 S3000

#5000 IN-2250 S5000

#8000  IN-2280 S8000

#10000 IN-2290 S10000

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