A natural whetstone is a stone that is mined at a mountain,

And cut into a convenient size for knife sharpening.

Some people say, food tastes better when you use a knife that is sharpened by a natural whetstone.

Generally speaking, natural whetstones are considered for experts.

1. A natural whetstones and an artificial whetstones are so different

In the spring of 2011, I got my first natural whetstone.

The stone was so difficult to use at the time.

Because it was different from the artificial whetstone that I was used to using…

Do you want to know the differences between natural whetstones and artificial whetstones?

Keep reading and you will find out…

2. Natural whetstones have 30,000 years of history

This is since humans have started polished stone tools.

It has such a long history.

Until artificial whetstones were invented, all knife sharpeners used natural whetstones.

The stone is harvested from the rocks from the hard strata, and they flattened the surface.

Nowadays, natural whetstones are very expensive.

Because the number of whetstone mines have decreased.

3. Natural whetstones have a variety of kinds

Because types of stones differ from the mining sites.

You need to check the quality of the stone by eye since all stones are different.

So having a natural whetstone has a high threshold.

4. A natural whetstone is the Gravity Machine in Dragonball Z

Do you remember a machine that Goku used for his training on the spaceship while on the way to the planet Namek?

It can change the gravity high.

Training under more powerful gravity, Goku got stronger and tougher.

A natural whetstone is kind of like that.

It can train you to be a better knife sharpener.

With it, you will be a skilled knife sharpener because…

5. A natural whetstone is picky

 While you are using a natural whetstone, It needs the right amount of pressure,

The right amount of water, and the right amount of the residue.

If you don’t have them, you can’t sharpen your knife.

Having this knowledge and sense will improve your overall knife sharpening skills.

And they are very useful when you use different kind of natural stones,

Or even artificial whetstones.

6. When you are using it wrong, a natural whetstone can tell

When you are shaving a knife in order to make a primary bevel on the blade with a natural whetstone,

The shape of the bevel must be accurate.

Otherwise the natural whetstone won’t be able to shave your knife blade at all.

It is really different from an artificial whetstone.

This is because of the differences in their grinding power.

Keep reading and you will find out…

[grinding power image]

7. You will have better understanding of your knife

This is because a natural whetstone doesn’t have grinding power as much as an artificial whetstone does.

Like the picture above, an artificial whetstone can shave carbide very well.

Carbide is a small particle in a knife metal.

However, a natural whetstone can’t shave carbide compared to the artificial whetstone.

There are so many kinds of metal for kitchen knives.

And the kinds of carbide in these materials are different.

Using a natural whetstone, you can sense how these materials are.

8. A natural whetstone polishes your knife nicely

A blade that was sharpened by a natural whetstone has more modesty compared to an artificial stone.

Unlike an artificial whetstone, a natural stone doesn’t polish your knife until it’s shiny.

It will have some modest katana looking surface.

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